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So, here we are, my friends, at the end of another year.  We've passed the Winter Solstice, the darkest time, the time when the days are shortest.  It's the time for going into the cave, the time for introspection, the time to stop DOING and start BEING.  It's the time for re-assessing and deciding what seeds we want to plant for the coming year.  Think about it.  What do you want to manifest this year?  What do you want to accomplish? Better health?  Increased fitness?  Completing that race you always wanted to try?  Taking that really tough class?  Teaching that really tough class? Moving above and beyond your comfort zone? Maybe it's simplifying, maybe it's just BEing present with yourself, for once.  Maybe it's moving to the front of the room...
This is often a difficult time of year for people, as it can be challenging to take away the distractions and really go inward.  However, as we cross over the Solstice, the light begins to return, little by little, e…

Take Your Run

This is one of my all time favorites so, in looking back over the archives, it's hard to believe I haven't posted it.  Maybe it's because I vary the music on it so much.  It's one of the easiest rides to change throw in something new at the last minute.  We ride 2 good-sized hills, on which I vary positions and movements depending on the tempo of the music.  In between those 2 climbs is a set of 6 flat-road intervals:  1 minute seated flat (recovery), 1 minute seated flat at a quicker cadence, 30 seconds of jumps/lifts to a standing flat for 5 second counts (you'll get in 3 in 30 seconds) and a 30 second standing flat to finish it up.  Do it right and your quads will be on fire.  This is the playlist for this week, and some of the Thanksgiving music was so good, it made its way in.  But, especially for the flat road intervals, you could throw in any quick, "let it fly" songs.  Yeah.
1.  Sunrise (Here I Am) [Instrumental]/Ratty (warm-up) 2.  Snow (He…

"Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings."

The title of this post is one of the five Reiki principles, speaking to the concept of gratitude.  It might be a bit early, but as we come into this week of Thanksgiving, I know life is going to be more hectic than usual, and I wanted to make sure I used this space to share some thoughts on gratitude.   And, equally important :), to post the music for my 90-minute "Burn (off) the Turkey" rides I'll be teaching this a sneak peak to those who are riding with us.  
I have never been a fan of Thanksgiving.  It's a combination of things I won't even try to explain, as I recently did to a friend who came away from the conversation thinking of me as insane (even more so than usual).  I even remember a time during my moody teenage years where I boycotted dinner in protest of the overindulgence.  While I've clearly come out of those extremes, it is still not on my list of favorite days.  
However, I am a big fan of gratitude and, as I've gotten older, prefe…


Last week, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and in the mood for a fast road ride, so I dug into 2006 for this one (only updated warm-up and cool-down).  I had to dig even farther back for the pictures, but that was an accident.  I was scanning in some old kids' photos and came across these from 2002.  I can't remember the name of the race, but it was on the streets of lower Manhattan, 9/11 was still very fresh in our consciousness (less that a year had passed and there was evidence everywhere), Lance had just won #4 and there was amazing energy there that day.  "Sigh."  But..back to the ride...cadence is quick and we only settle in for 1 heavy climb.  It's the kind of ride where you just hang on and, then, let go........
1.  Certainty (Mark Otten Dub) [feat. Cathy Burton]/Julian Vincent 2.  Smiley Faces/Gnarls Barkley 3.  Pump It/Black Eyed Peas 4.  Faster Kill Pussycat (Club Mix)/Oakenfold feat. Brittany Murphy 5.  Suddenly I See/KT Tunstall 6.  Funky Kingston/Toots and …

Today, we climb.

After a warm-up and a 5 minute flat, it's a climb until the last 5 minutes.  The road peaks twice and, in between, it's varied climbing positions and some jumps on a hill. We "celebrate" at the top with a little "Elevation," and down the other side to the line...
1.  Bodyrock/Moby (warm-up) 2.  Ready To Go (U.S. Mix)/Republica (SF) 3.  Read My Mind/The Killers (climb begins) 4.  Over My Head (Cable Car)/The Fray 5.  They/Jem 6.  Blood is Pumping 2005/Voodoo & Serano 7.  Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix)/The Killers 8.  Superstylin' (GA Radio Edit)/Groove Armada 9.  Drops of Jupiter/Train 10. Breathe (2 AM)/Anna Nalick 11. Elevation/U2 12. Phatt Bass/Warp Brothers Vs. Aquagen (SF to finish) 13. A&E (Maps Remix)/Goldfrapp (cool-down) 14. Down to Earth/Peter Gabriel

Interval Training

I posted this ride once before with different music, but I think it's worth posting again for a few reasons.  I teach it with a regular group every month or so, just to mix it up, and it's SO simple but effective. It's a good opportunity for students to take more control, learn about pace, and really get in touch with their heart rates and bodies.  It's also a good ride to know if you can't get to class and are on a bike by yourself.  Throw on some good music and go for it. 
Here's how it works:  I start out with a regular warm-up and then ride about 5 minutes on a seated flat, increasing resistance by small amounts every minute or so, but trying to maintain cadence, staying on the SF.  Heart rate should be up to 75-80% at the end of this push and we're ready to start the intervals.
For the first 6 intervals, I give a choice of a seated climb or a standing flat.  Students make the choice of where they want to work.  I always alternate positions for each inter…

Halloween Ride

I'm usually not too big on themed rides, but I have to do it every year...have some fun with it.  Don't hate me too much and don't be afraid, you'll still work hard.  
1.  Theme (From "Halloween")/John  Carpenter (warm-up) 2.  Monster Mash/Bobby "Boris" Pickett 3.  Black Magic Woman/Santana 4.  Werewolves of London/Warren Zevon 5.  I Want Candy/Bow Wow Wow 6.  Spooky/The Classics IV 7.  Bad Moon Rising/Creedence Clearwater Revival 8.  Superstition/Stevie Wonder 9.  Super Freak/Rick James 10. Disturbia/Rihanna 11. People Are Strange/The Doors 12. Zombie/The Cranberries 13. Pet Sematary (Single Version)/The Ramones 14. Thriller/Michael Jackson 15. Wild World/Cat Stevens (cool-down) 16. Great Pumpkin Waltz (The Peanuts)/Vince Guaraldi Trio 17. Happy Halloween Music

Out On the Road

Sharing 2 playlists today.  Enjoy the ride.
"SpinSixHills"   We did this one on Monday, 10/20 and Tuesday, 10/21.  Someone commented on the music, so here it is, taking a slight detour in and around the 90's.  We're out on the road and pushing over 6 varied hills (alternating with varied flats).  In the beginning, the hills are short and the flats are long.  But, as the ride goes on, the hills get longer and the flats shorter.  Finish line is at the top of #6.
1.  Zocalo (Featuring Gabriel & Dresden)/Armin van Buuren & Gabriel & Dresden (warm-up) 2.  Desert Rose (Melodic Club Mix Radio Edit)/Cheb Mami & Sting 3.  Crazy/Alanis Morissette 4.  Wonderful Night (Trash Remix)/Fatboy Slim  5.  Tell Me Baby/Red Hot Chili Peppers 6.  Best of You/Foo Fighters 7.  Devils and Angels/Toby Lightman 8.  Laid/James 9.  Song 2/Blur 10. Good/Better Than Ezra 11. A Little Bit More/Jamie Lidell 12. Bohemian Ballet/Deep Forest 13. Hide and Seek/Imogen Heap (cool-down) 14. Waiting on the …

Off the Bike, Inc.

When I first started this blog, I posted about the name "Leave it on the Bike," about how indoor cycling classes offer us the opportunity to let go of what stresses us.  The enclosed room (often dark), the rhythmic music, the (hopefully) relaxed flow of our bodies and breath, the circles created by the pedal stroke all contribute to that "let go," "leave it" sensation. You don't need it.  This is why I am addicted to this ride, and I love it when a student "gets it."  If you've never thought of it this way, if you're just in the room for the workout or one of the many other benefits, that's ok, too.  It happens anyway.
We've all heard the phrases, "Practice what you preach," and "We teach what we need to learn."  Lately, I have been continually challenged in this area, dealing with bigger and smaller losses and stresses that seem to have piled up over the weeks.  It has been more difficult for me to pull up…

High Energy

High energy, high tempo, everything but high hills.  Something changes every minute...terrain, speed and/or resistance.  Then, the last 8 minutes are an all out seated flat to the finish.  Hold cadence and resistance steady for 4 minutes. Get your mind out of it, let GO, relax your shoulders and focus. Breathe.  Last few minutes, increase work effort every minute until you hit your know where it is today.  Let the sweat pour out and, with it, all of the stress you hold onto every day.  Feel it releasing, rolling down and off the back of the bike.  Leave it behind.  You don't need it.  Enjoy.
Lots of re-mixes today....
1.  The Driver/Eleven Federation (Spinning v.13) (warm up) 2.  Hey Boy/The Chemical Brothers 3.  Listen to the Music (DJ Malibu Mix)/The Doobie Brothers 4.  Start the Commotion/The Wiseguys 5.  (Heroes) Just for One Day/David Guetta vs. David Bowie 6.  Express Yourself (Mocean Worker Remix)/Charles Wright & The Watts 7.  Call on Me (Eric Prydz vs. Retarded Funk…

Fall Form

So, the seasons are about to change, and it's a time of transition and introspection.  I've probably said this before, but autumn is absolutely my favorite time of year.  The intensity of summer is calming, the air and light and leaves are changing, and I am energized.  I always find myself taking leaps forward in the fall...maybe it's because I feel the pressure before the darkness of winter sets in, or maybe it's just that I am aligned in some universal way.  No matter, this year is no exception.  I am following good energy and, even in rough times, keep reminding myself of that.  I wish the same for all of you in my classes and all who are on a journey, whether it's to better physical or mental wellness, or just to find some inner strength that you didn't know you had.
So, I've been teaching this one often lately.  It's all about form, and it's a great one to use to check in on yourself, to assess your fitness level after the summer.  We do every …

Up and (break)Away

This is a "Jen" adaptation of a strength ride profile that I received from Mad Dogg Athletics ( I love strength rides...pushing resistance and testing limits. I think they are great classes for outdoor cyclists who want the workouts to translate to the road. And, they always inspire the age-old argument over whether the women in the room are going to develop huge thighs and butts form their indoor cycling classes. I'm not touching that debate matter how much science is out there, I know there are those of you who are terrified of that type of muscle development. I only offer the advice that your flats and intervals will be so much more efficient (and fun) if you allow yourself to build the strength.

So, now I hear that little voice inside, encouraging me to write a tangent about women and strength and what it really means to be a "strong" woman. But, it's labor day weekend, I'm feeling kind of mellow, and am going to …


From winter, 2008, a back to basics ride. I feel like I'm winding down a really hectic summer, and this class is perfect for that...propelled by strong music and lots of resistance building. Quick profile: 3 loops around-each loop starts with a 1-minute seated flat, followed by three 1-minute standing flats (1 minute seated flats in between each one). Then, we hit the 8-minute hill: 3-minute seated climb (add resistance each minute), three 20 sec. jumps on a hill in 3rd (from a 20 sec. seated climb), and a 3-minute standing climb (HP3) (add resistance each minute)...breakaway for the top and take a recovery seated flat to the next loop. Simple as, just gear and sweat. My students always tell me that this one goes by fast.

1. The Stairs/INXS(warm-up)
2. Touch of My Hand (Bill Hamel Club Mix)/Britney Spears(Stay on a seated flat, really start to push..into a headwind...add resistance every 90 sec., but try to keep cadence steady. Don't fall off the pace.…

Recovery 101

The room where I taught today was unusually hot (HOT)...and this made me think more about recovery. Coincidentally, a few days ago, I received an email newsletter from Mad Dogg Athletics ( on this very topic. I thought the info. was great, so I'm sharing it here. Recover wisely. Your body and spirit will thank you.

"Ten Tools to Speed Recovery

When working hard to lose weight or enhance performance, many of us forget the importance recovery can play in achieving our goals. If you’re a person who loves to exercise frequently and train hard, just remember that too much of a good thing is not, well, a good thing. Your body needs time to repair in order to re-build and grow stronger.
Here are 10 tools to help your mind and body rest, rejuvenate and step up to the next challenge you bring on.

1. Daily Nutrition Habits: What you eat and drink every day determines your athletic potential. If you eat poorly on a daily basis, your athletics potential ceiling will…

Love, Love, Love

This is a true interval ride, the goal of which is to really work with heart rate, taking it on it's own ride. I give a choice of 2 positions...during the the first minute in that position, we raise the heart rate at a comfortable pace (80-85%). During the second minute, it's an all-out push in the same position (92%). Come down for a quick recovery seated flat and do it again. Halfway through the class, I change up the 2 positions. Super-simple, but really effective and a great way for students to test their fitness and to get a chance to choose what they want to ride.

The music started out as a Valentine's Day ride, but I now use it whenever I want to "feel the love." Great energy and effort today...much love!!!

1. In My Heart/Moby (warm-up)
2. Love You More (Radio Edit)/ Armin van Buuren (seated flat...raise HR)
3. Faster Kill Pusycat (Club Mix)/Oakenfold feat Brittany Murphy (intervals begin)
4. Groove is inthe Heart/Deee-Lite
5. Are You Gonna Be My Girl/Jet
6. Craz…

Sweaty is Sexy

"Sweaty is Sexy." A little plaque with this statement rests on the front desk of one of the gyms where I teach classes. It is owned by 2 women, and has a high percentage of women clientele, all of whom work impressively hard. In an "image is everything" environment, it's a great reminder that it's a good thing to sweat. I love to sweat. When I was pregnant, one of the things I missed the most was working up a really good sweat. So, I am often surprised when I meet people who hate it. I work hard not to judge the person who comes into the already over-air conditioned Spinning room and asks for the air to be turned up higher. Maybe it's because I sweat so much during a workout. Yeah, I'm the girl who leaves the puddle under the bike. Sexy? That's your call, but it feels so great. On a physical level, it's so healthy for the body. Among other things, it's a release of toxins, like a quickie internal cleanse. On a mental level, it also feels…

Rock N Roll Road

I'm teaching 2 classes today and need a little motivation on these hot, slow, sunny August days. Riding the Rock N Roll Road tonight and tomorrow. And, no matter how much I don't want to admit it, I just love Kid Rock right now! Enough said....

1. Slow Ride (single version)/Foghat (warm-up)
2. Start Me Up/The Rolling Stones
3. Baba O'Riley/The Who
4. Proud Mary/Creedence Clearwater Revival
5. Born to Run/Bruce Springsteen
6. Are You Gonna Go My Way/Lenny Kravitz
7. I Love Rock 'N Roll/Joan Jett (had to...)
8. Like the Way I Do/Melissa Etheridge
9. Higher/Creed
10. Smells Like Teen Spirit/Nirvana
11. Best of You/Foo Fighters
12. All Summer Long/Kid Rock
13. Girlfriend/Avril Lavigne
14. Every Rose Has Its Thorn/Poison (cool-down)
15. Free Fallin' (Live)/John Mayer
16. Crash Into Me/Dave Matthews Band

New Spaces, Familiar Faces

Those who know me know that one of the gyms where I teach has been undergoing some major transformations, both in ownership and in space. During this time, they have been committed to continuing the indoor cycling program, which has not been easy. I decided to ride it out with them, knowing I'd land back in their place if I was meant to be there. After a week with no space, today was our first ride in a temporary room until things get more settled.

Change always interests and inspires me. Even though it can cause me to pause at first, I am usually one of those who embraces it. Fall is my favorite time of year. Changes keep me fresh, give me new perspective and allow room for growth. I hate being stagnant. I have gone through major upheaval in my life over the past few years (maybe another post), and that is very very different...much harder to uncover the positives. But, I think with the right perspective and lots of digging, they can be unearthed even in really tough situations.


I Love My Body.

I just had 3 days off from teaching Spinning classes and, although it was clearly what my body needed, I feel a little off balance. I am really looking forward to today's ride. Yesterday, I took advantage of the time off and went to this cool spa in College Point, NY (see It's an cultural infusion of Korean Saunas and a European spa. This was my fourth visit, and it always makes me think outside of my cultural box. As I was reclining in a huge padded chair, getting an amazing "hand and foot massage," I was revisiting some of my experiences. While the place is catching on, and there is clearly a cultural mix happening, most of the patrons are Korean. The main level, which houses the gorgeous saunas, is coed, with each of us dressed in a little "uniform" that must be worn. The downstairs, women's locker room, has its own hot tubs and water massage beds...with no bathing suits allowed...completely naked. The only women who are…


This was Saturday's (7/19) class...we climbed rolling hills the whole time, with a few sets of jumps thrown in. Repetitive? Yes. Easy? Never. Just like life, sometimes. The lesson for me is to learn to roll with it...not to look ahead or analyze what just happened, but focus on the climb of the moment...up and over, knowing the flat will feel awesome. Regroup, and do it again. A big shout-out to for the bulk of the music that I used in this class. To check it out, you can click on the link, lower left.

1. Energy/The Apples in Stereo (warm-up)
2. Rainy Monday/Shiny Toy Guns
3. Everybody Got Their Something/Nikka Costa
4. Watch the Tapes/LCD Soundsystem
5. September-The Joker/Fatboy Slim (Babel Soundtrack)
6. Do It!/Von Iva
7. Check Yes Juliet/We the Kings
8. Love Revolution/Lenny Kravitz
9. Somebody Told Me/The Killers
10. All My Friends/LCD Soundsystem
11. Black Betty/Ram Jam
12. Round & Round/Bodyrockers
13. I Won't Back Down/Tom Petty (cool-dow…

In Gratitude

Just posting a note of thanks to all of the riders at PUMP for your voiced appreciation of my classes and for hanging tight during the changes. I am always inspired and energized by the fact that you all give your 100% each time you take my class. This does not escape me, and I'm honored to share the space with you. Here's today's class...a few years old, but a classic road, ending in a huge climb! Lots of Love.

1. A-Gusta/Safri Duo (warm-up)
2. That Old Pair of Jeans (Edit)/Fatboy Slim
3. Hung Up/Madonna
4. Crazy/Gnarles Barkley
5. Starry Eyed Surprise/Paul Oakenfold
6. I Like the Way (Radio Edit)/Bodyrockers
7. Samb-Adagio/Safri Duo
8. Waterfall/Atlantic Ocean
9. Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White)/The Killers
10. Push/Madonna
11. Collide/Howie Day
12. One/U2
13. Cannonball (Radio Remix) Damien Rice (cool-down)
14. Chariot/Gavin DeGraw

HilloopSpring...the Bonus Ride

I call it the "Bonus Ride" because, when we're on the second flat, it seems like the road is about to pace, music and time...but we hit one more standing climb for the last song. This ride is essentially 2 loops: each with one 15 minute climb (varied positions) and a crazy fast flat (SFs, jumps and runs) . Then, we turn around and do it again, taking it over the top with that last bonus hill.

1. Sunchyme/Dario G (warm-up/first climb)
2. Hollaback Girl (Dance Hollaback Remix)/Gwen Stefani
3. Ooh La La/Goldfrapp
4. Heart and Soul/ T'Pau
5. Holiday (Faded Ending)/Green Day
6. Fuego/Bond
7. Hey Ya!/Outcast
8. We Are All Made of Stars/Moby
9. Connected/Stereo MC's
10. Never Let You Go/Third Eye Blind
11. Sing, Sing, Sing (RSL Remix)/Anita O'Day
12. Wizards in Winter (Istrumental)/Trans-Siberian Orchestra
13. When You Were Young/The Killers (final climb)
14. 6 Underground/Sneaker Pimps (cool down)
15. A&E (SingleVersion)/Goldfrapp


Summer'08 Ride

Taught this one this morning and it's hot. We were out on the "road": fast flats, rolling hills, an 8 minute climb and 15 minutes of flat road intervals to finish. If any instructors have found me and want a complete profile, email and I'll be glad to share. Happy Spinning. Stay cool. Relax your shoulders. Breathe.

1. Terra Firma/Delerium & Aude: Warm-Up
2. Let U Go (Airplay Mix)/ATB
3. Beautiful Day/U2
4. Somebody Told Me/The Killers
5. Misery Business (Acoustic Version)/Paramore
6. Shut Up and Let Me Go/ The Ting Tings
7. I'm Outta Love/Anastacia
8. Just Like That (Jason Nevins Club Mix)/Amber
9. Give it 2 Me (Paul Oakenfold Edit)/Madonna
10. Shake It/Metro Station
11. Flathead/The Fratellis
12. T&F Moltosugo Remix (Let the Sun Shine In)/Milk & Sugar
13. I'm Yours/Jason Mraz: Cool Down
14. Adrift/Jack Johnson

Leave it on the Bike

So, I've been teaching Spinning classes for a few years now, and often have these moments during the ride, after or before that make me think, question and want to share. I'm hoping to create this space for this purpose. Yes, some days it will be ego-driven, others will be cute, but it is my intention that most will be purposeful, even inspiring. Sure, I have seen people transform their bodies with hard work both in and out of the room, but it's the emotional connection that keeps me intrigued. What keeps them coming back? Is it simply endorphines, is it the meditative factor of the ride...of, literally, spinning wheels and going nowhere, is it the kick-ass music? I'm sure it's a blend of all of this and more, things I hope to explore in future posts. Oh and then I I just making this all too deep and serious? Maybe. But, I have some pretty cool conversations and have met some amazing people. And, if you'e just visiting for the music, enj…