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How interesting. I came to visit my old blog site, and the date of my last post was exactly 2 years ago. Exactly. I guess I turn to writing mostly in times of transition. That needs to stop. I know this. We'll see how that goes! I'm in one of those times, and I'm also in a reminiscent mood. I'm thinking back over 10 years of teaching and this journey I've been on and how I want to shape the next phase. I remember starting this blog in 2008, when I had to search for other indoor cycling blogs to follow. My intention was to share my music and thoughts on teaching, not the technical side, but the emotional side, the stories that motivate me to hop on the instructor bike and those that keep clients coming to class.  Here's my very first post:
So, I've been teaching Spinning classes for a few years now, and often have these moments during the ride, after or before that make me think, question and want to share. I'm hoping to create this space for this purpos…