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It's Time to Burn the Turkey

Burn it off that is.  Well, it's actually everything else that goes with it that we really need to work off, no?  No time for guilt.  My wish for you is that you get to spend the day wrapped up in love...not much else matters.
I had a blissed-out moment while teaching today.  You know the kind.  I was partially into my second class in a row, with sweat running off my forearms, the class was in a groove, the music was pumping in perfect rhythm and everything just flowed...easy...effortless.  It was clearly an "in the zone" experience, causing a big smile to cross my face, one of those that makes the students wonder what the (bleep) is wrong with me, but that's okay, I like it that way.  Today, I am grateful for experiencing that moment, not just the details, but the feeling of it, the way all of life is supposed to feel.
So, in tradition, it's my 90-minute, day after Thanksgiving playlist.  Most of the mash-ups can be found here, at Bootie.  Enjoy your moments.
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