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Hello Music fans...

So, I gave in and just started using Ping on iTunes.  I will be posting playlists there much more regularly than I write here, but that doesn't mean I will stop rambling or talking profiles.  Look for me: jennifer ellwood.

Happy Spinning!!

The Music Gods (and Goddesses)

It's been that kind of New Year...the good kind...fresh new energy, I'm starting a new job at a new studio and the music has been raining down on me.  It's funny how that happens.  Finding new, inspiring music can be very time consuming, especially when life is as busy as mine.  But, once I open the gate and start looking around, it seems to roll my way.  So, today's post is just a list...some are songs (new and old) that I've been using in class lately and some I just like, but am not sure if I'll ride to them.  I'm hopping off the bike and posting those anyway, because I believe a song might not be something you or I would use in class, but another one on the album might be, or it might just lead into something else...The rest are great (also "Off the Bike") albums that are on personal rotation on my iPod.  Oh, and I have to give credit for some of these to fellow bloggers, Facebook friends, real-life friends, and my sister, who just started tea…