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Full Circle Run

I live in suburbia, just outside of NYC, in a waterfront town that is a great place to raise children. I have lived here long enough to have watched the kids grow from our play-group days to being ready for "the talk." I have also seen many women take the journey from working professionals to bleary-eyed new moms, trying to lose baby fat, to finding themselves once again.
Every Thanksgiving, our town (like many others) puts together a Turkey Trot run. Ours is a challenging 5 miles that draws both the fastest runners around and families who want to spend time together in a healthy way. This year, my almost 11-year old asked to run it for the first time. While he's going to run the actual race with his dad, I have had the pleasure of doing his first "training" runs with him.
A few weeks ago, we ended up running together in our old neighborhood, where we lived until he was 18 months old. As we started, I remembered that I used to run this exact loop with …