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I Love My Body.

I just had 3 days off from teaching Spinning classes and, although it was clearly what my body needed, I feel a little off balance. I am really looking forward to today's ride. Yesterday, I took advantage of the time off and went to this cool spa in College Point, NY (see It's an cultural infusion of Korean Saunas and a European spa. This was my fourth visit, and it always makes me think outside of my cultural box. As I was reclining in a huge padded chair, getting an amazing "hand and foot massage," I was revisiting some of my experiences. While the place is catching on, and there is clearly a cultural mix happening, most of the patrons are Korean. The main level, which houses the gorgeous saunas, is coed, with each of us dressed in a little "uniform" that must be worn. The downstairs, women's locker room, has its own hot tubs and water massage beds...with no bathing suits allowed...completely naked. The only women who are…


This was Saturday's (7/19) class...we climbed rolling hills the whole time, with a few sets of jumps thrown in. Repetitive? Yes. Easy? Never. Just like life, sometimes. The lesson for me is to learn to roll with it...not to look ahead or analyze what just happened, but focus on the climb of the moment...up and over, knowing the flat will feel awesome. Regroup, and do it again. A big shout-out to for the bulk of the music that I used in this class. To check it out, you can click on the link, lower left.

1. Energy/The Apples in Stereo (warm-up)
2. Rainy Monday/Shiny Toy Guns
3. Everybody Got Their Something/Nikka Costa
4. Watch the Tapes/LCD Soundsystem
5. September-The Joker/Fatboy Slim (Babel Soundtrack)
6. Do It!/Von Iva
7. Check Yes Juliet/We the Kings
8. Love Revolution/Lenny Kravitz
9. Somebody Told Me/The Killers
10. All My Friends/LCD Soundsystem
11. Black Betty/Ram Jam
12. Round & Round/Bodyrockers
13. I Won't Back Down/Tom Petty (cool-dow…

In Gratitude

Just posting a note of thanks to all of the riders at PUMP for your voiced appreciation of my classes and for hanging tight during the changes. I am always inspired and energized by the fact that you all give your 100% each time you take my class. This does not escape me, and I'm honored to share the space with you. Here's today's class...a few years old, but a classic road, ending in a huge climb! Lots of Love.

1. A-Gusta/Safri Duo (warm-up)
2. That Old Pair of Jeans (Edit)/Fatboy Slim
3. Hung Up/Madonna
4. Crazy/Gnarles Barkley
5. Starry Eyed Surprise/Paul Oakenfold
6. I Like the Way (Radio Edit)/Bodyrockers
7. Samb-Adagio/Safri Duo
8. Waterfall/Atlantic Ocean
9. Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White)/The Killers
10. Push/Madonna
11. Collide/Howie Day
12. One/U2
13. Cannonball (Radio Remix) Damien Rice (cool-down)
14. Chariot/Gavin DeGraw

HilloopSpring...the Bonus Ride

I call it the "Bonus Ride" because, when we're on the second flat, it seems like the road is about to pace, music and time...but we hit one more standing climb for the last song. This ride is essentially 2 loops: each with one 15 minute climb (varied positions) and a crazy fast flat (SFs, jumps and runs) . Then, we turn around and do it again, taking it over the top with that last bonus hill.

1. Sunchyme/Dario G (warm-up/first climb)
2. Hollaback Girl (Dance Hollaback Remix)/Gwen Stefani
3. Ooh La La/Goldfrapp
4. Heart and Soul/ T'Pau
5. Holiday (Faded Ending)/Green Day
6. Fuego/Bond
7. Hey Ya!/Outcast
8. We Are All Made of Stars/Moby
9. Connected/Stereo MC's
10. Never Let You Go/Third Eye Blind
11. Sing, Sing, Sing (RSL Remix)/Anita O'Day
12. Wizards in Winter (Istrumental)/Trans-Siberian Orchestra
13. When You Were Young/The Killers (final climb)
14. 6 Underground/Sneaker Pimps (cool down)
15. A&E (SingleVersion)/Goldfrapp


Summer'08 Ride

Taught this one this morning and it's hot. We were out on the "road": fast flats, rolling hills, an 8 minute climb and 15 minutes of flat road intervals to finish. If any instructors have found me and want a complete profile, email and I'll be glad to share. Happy Spinning. Stay cool. Relax your shoulders. Breathe.

1. Terra Firma/Delerium & Aude: Warm-Up
2. Let U Go (Airplay Mix)/ATB
3. Beautiful Day/U2
4. Somebody Told Me/The Killers
5. Misery Business (Acoustic Version)/Paramore
6. Shut Up and Let Me Go/ The Ting Tings
7. I'm Outta Love/Anastacia
8. Just Like That (Jason Nevins Club Mix)/Amber
9. Give it 2 Me (Paul Oakenfold Edit)/Madonna
10. Shake It/Metro Station
11. Flathead/The Fratellis
12. T&F Moltosugo Remix (Let the Sun Shine In)/Milk & Sugar
13. I'm Yours/Jason Mraz: Cool Down
14. Adrift/Jack Johnson

Leave it on the Bike

So, I've been teaching Spinning classes for a few years now, and often have these moments during the ride, after or before that make me think, question and want to share. I'm hoping to create this space for this purpose. Yes, some days it will be ego-driven, others will be cute, but it is my intention that most will be purposeful, even inspiring. Sure, I have seen people transform their bodies with hard work both in and out of the room, but it's the emotional connection that keeps me intrigued. What keeps them coming back? Is it simply endorphines, is it the meditative factor of the ride...of, literally, spinning wheels and going nowhere, is it the kick-ass music? I'm sure it's a blend of all of this and more, things I hope to explore in future posts. Oh and then I I just making this all too deep and serious? Maybe. But, I have some pretty cool conversations and have met some amazing people. And, if you'e just visiting for the music, enj…