This was Saturday's (7/19) class...we climbed rolling hills the whole time, with a few sets of jumps thrown in. Repetitive? Yes. Easy? Never. Just like life, sometimes. The lesson for me is to learn to roll with it...not to look ahead or analyze what just happened, but focus on the climb of the moment...up and over, knowing the flat will feel awesome. Regroup, and do it again. A big shout-out to for the bulk of the music that I used in this class. To check it out, you can click on the link, lower left.

1. Energy/The Apples in Stereo (warm-up)
2. Rainy Monday/Shiny Toy Guns
3. Everybody Got Their Something/Nikka Costa
4. Watch the Tapes/LCD Soundsystem
5. September-The Joker/Fatboy Slim (Babel Soundtrack)
6. Do It!/Von Iva
7. Check Yes Juliet/We the Kings
8. Love Revolution/Lenny Kravitz
9. Somebody Told Me/The Killers
10. All My Friends/LCD Soundsystem
11. Black Betty/Ram Jam
12. Round & Round/Bodyrockers
13. I Won't Back Down/Tom Petty (cool-down)
14. Little Wonders/Rob Thomas
15. Naked as We Came/Iron & Wine
16. Invocation/Ty Burhoe


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