In Gratitude

Just posting a note of thanks to all of the riders at PUMP for your voiced appreciation of my classes and for hanging tight during the changes. I am always inspired and energized by the fact that you all give your 100% each time you take my class. This does not escape me, and I'm honored to share the space with you. Here's today's class...a few years old, but a classic road, ending in a huge climb! Lots of Love.

1. A-Gusta/Safri Duo (warm-up)
2. That Old Pair of Jeans (Edit)/Fatboy Slim
3. Hung Up/Madonna
4. Crazy/Gnarles Barkley
5. Starry Eyed Surprise/Paul Oakenfold
6. I Like the Way (Radio Edit)/Bodyrockers
7. Samb-Adagio/Safri Duo
8. Waterfall/Atlantic Ocean
9. Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White)/The Killers
10. Push/Madonna
11. Collide/Howie Day
12. One/U2
13. Cannonball (Radio Remix) Damien Rice (cool-down)
14. Chariot/Gavin DeGraw


Reenie90 said…
Thank you for being the person and teacher you are. I have gone to many spin classes and belonged to various gyms. But it is rare to find an instructor that stands out. You are that instructor! You have the "it" factor--a teacher that inspires, challenges and brings her students to the fitness level they never thought they could achieve. WE ARE MARSHALLS!!
Victoria said…
Thank you!!! You have great energy and a beautiful spirit which you bring to each and every ride you teach. We really appreciate everything you give to your students. We will ride out this storm and hopefully land back on the bikes together!!

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