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It's All About Me

I was looking for inspiration for a ride a few weeks ago, and wasn't really sure where to find it.  I pretty much teach classes that I like, but I design them to give students variety and balance in their workouts.  I always "like" my own classes, but they are not always exactly what I would choose to ride.  So, I sat down with myself and asked the question, "Jen, if you walked into a Spin room today, what would be your ideal, perfect ride?"  I really wasn't concerned about the music.  Let's just assume that the music is good, that's a given.  But, what kind of road would I like?  Where do I want to be challenged?  A few points came to mind.  I'd want to ride some strong flats, incorporating stretches of road that I'd have to hold until my legs were screaming.  But, I'd also want challenging intervals that would leave me begging for them to be over.  I'd want some up-tempo climbing and, of course, at least one big steady hill with ge…