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I was looking for inspiration for a ride a few weeks ago, and wasn't really sure where to find it.  I pretty much teach classes that I like, but I design them to give students variety and balance in their workouts.  I always "like" my own classes, but they are not always exactly what I would choose to ride.  So, I sat down with myself and asked the question, "Jen, if you walked into a Spin room today, what would be your ideal, perfect ride?"  I really wasn't concerned about the music.  Let's just assume that the music is good, that's a given.  But, what kind of road would I like?  Where do I want to be challenged?  A few points came to mind.  I'd want to ride some strong flats, incorporating stretches of road that I'd have to hold until my legs were screaming.  But, I'd also want challenging intervals that would leave me begging for them to be over.  I'd want some up-tempo climbing and, of course, at least one big steady hill with gear to sink my teeth into.  From this, was born today's ride, that has been called "sick" (in a good way) and the most challenging class I have taught to date.

Of course I love it.  It's MY ride, after all.  It's the kind of ride that takes me out of my comfort zone and challenges me physically, the kind that makes me want to be in the class and not coaching and cueing through it.  If I had mirrors in the rooms, where I could still see the class, I may have jumped on a bike and become one of the crowd.  It made me think of how we end up teaching (mostly) because we love to do whatever it is we choose to teach.  We were all students at one point.  The only problem is that the more we teach, the less time we have just sit back and take a class.  I think it is essential to carve out time to do this, but it is often a challenge.  I rarely get time to take a class anymore but, when I do, it reminds me of why I love this workout.  I get blissed out, closing my eyes and getting so lost in the rhythm of the ride, with no where else to focus except on me.

I still get this often when I run and, with my 40th birthday fast approaching, have birthed a baby sister blog to "Leave it on the Bike" called "Running 40 for 40,"  leaving this space just for spin, rides, music, profiles and all the fun that comes with it.

And, that's the most important point:  HAVE FUN.  Smile and remember the joy that brought you to the room or the road to begin with.  Make it all about you.

*Coming Soon: My experiences with Real Ryder bikes*

-Just a Ride/Jem 
-The Drums (Mix 1)/Basic J 
-Dont Stop 'Till You Work It (Radio Mix)/Michael Jackson/Missy Elliot (mashup)
-Sho Nuff/Fatboy Slim 
-Blah Blah Blah Chillin Romance/Ke$ha/Lady Gaga/Wale (mashup)
-Hit and Drop on all the Single Ladies/Rihanna/Ray Charles/Snoop Dogg/Beyoncé
-You shook me all night long/AC/DC 
1. Warm-up for 4-6 minutes
2. First set of intervals: on a seated flat, push for 20 seconds and then "recover" for 10.  I coach the push with cadence, resistance or both.  We do this 12 times, taking up the next 6 minutes.  Whimpering begins around 7 or 8 in!
3. The next 6 minutes is a seated flat.  Hold 3 minutes at a comfortable steady pace, then  pick up the cadence and HOLD on for the second 3 minutes, no slowing down, make the commitment.  Anyone can sprint for 20 seconds....can you hold the new tempo???
4. First hill section.  Turn up the resistance, take any climbing position you want and, after 30 seconds to adjust, we are doing the same intervals (20/10) that we did in #2, but on a HILL.  Yes, 12 times, changing climb position as much as you want, but I always encourage you to work your weaknesses. This takes up the next 6 minutes.
5. Repeat I'm laughing.

-How You Like Me Now (Single Edit)/Heavy 
-Run This Town / Posthumus Zone (Medley)/Jay-Z, Rihanna & E.S. Posthumus
The above 2 songs are the only steady climb of the day.  First half is in the saddle, second half is out.  We add 3 gears in the seat and 2 out to the top.  Dig in.

-Telephone (Alphabeat Extended Remix) 6:41 Lady GaGa and Beyoncé 
-Under Pressure (w/Queen)/David Bowie 
-Until it talks/Coldplay/Metallica (mashup) 
-A Little Less Sympathy/Rolling Stones/Elvis (mashup) 
First time through this ride, the class doesn't know it, but we have turned around after the big, steady climb and are heading home, back through everything they did to get to that hill in reverse order:
1. 6-minute seated flat (3 to hold/3 to push)
2. 12 intervals (20/10) while climbing
3. Another 6-minute seated flat (3/3)
4. 12 seated flat intervals (20/10) to the finish line

-Hold You (Hold Yuh)/Gyptian 
-Collide (Acoustic Version) /Howie Day 
Cool-down, catch your breath, wipe the tears and sweat and take a minute to acknowledge what you just did.

(note: if you do a web search for the mashups, you will find most of them.)


Anonymous said…
Great workout. I have been teaching spin for nearly a year. I try to make new workouts each week but need a lot of inspiration . This workout was fantastic. Received lots of positive feedback from the clients. They loved the variety and the repeaters and I did too. Thanks so much!
Off the Bike said…
You are welcome. Glad you liked the ride. I used in in various gyms over the summer and also got great feedback. Thanks for taking the time to let me know!


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