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Balance. The 9/22/10 playlist.

So, this go-to ride is archived here sometime back in 2008, but I had a request for the playlist from today, so I'm posting it again.  The playlist is slightly different, the profile is slightly different, I am slightly different.  Everything grows and changes, as is evidenced by the trees changing colors, the leaves floating to the ground and the fact that I can make eye contact with my oldest son without looking down.  Today is the equinox, a time of perfect balance, day and night, dark and light.  I've been super busy and have only had a glimpse of where my balance is today....time to check-in, assess, and, yes, grow.  p.s. As it has been lately, there are some mash-ups that made their way into this playlist.  If you want them directly, drop me an email.
Roller Coaster Ride Playlist:
1. I Feel the Way Love Goes/Mash-up
2. Everybody Got Their Something/Nikka Costa
3. Disturbia/Rihanna
4. Do It!/Von Iva
5. So Fine in the Sun/Mash-up of Weezer (Island in the Sun) and Mary J. Bl…