Balance. The 9/22/10 playlist.

So, this go-to ride is archived here sometime back in 2008, but I had a request for the playlist from today, so I'm posting it again.  The playlist is slightly different, the profile is slightly different, I am slightly different.  Everything grows and changes, as is evidenced by the trees changing colors, the leaves floating to the ground and the fact that I can make eye contact with my oldest son without looking down.  Today is the equinox, a time of perfect balance, day and night, dark and light.  I've been super busy and have only had a glimpse of where my balance is today....time to check-in, assess, and, yes, grow.  p.s. As it has been lately, there are some mash-ups that made their way into this playlist.  If you want them directly, drop me an email.

Roller Coaster Ride Playlist:
1. I Feel the Way Love Goes/Mash-up
2. Everybody Got Their Something/Nikka Costa
3. Disturbia/Rihanna
4. Do It!/Von Iva
5. So Fine in the Sun/Mash-up of Weezer (Island in the Sun) and Mary J. Blige (Just Fine)
6. Beethoven's Fifth Gold Digger/Mash-up of Kanye West (Gold Digger) and Beethoven
7. Until it Talks/Mash Up of Coldplay and Metallica
8. Love Revolution/Lenny Kravitz
9. Shook Me all Night Long Freak On/Mash-up of AC/DC
10. Relax (New York Mix Version)/Frankie Goes to Hollywood
11. Watch the Tapes/LCD Soundsystem
12. Round & Round/Bodyrockers
13. Little Wonders/Rob Thomas
14. Naked As We Came/Iron & Wine

There are 10 hills on this road, 3 sets of 3 and 1 to the finish line. The sets are broken up by 5 minute flats.

After a 5 minute warm-up we start the first set of 3 rollers:
Hill # 1. 30 second seated climb, add 1 gear to a 1 minute standing climb. Then, at the top, reduce the gear and transition to a standing flat for 30 seconds (I give a seated flat breakaway as an option here).
Settle in to a comfortable seated flat for 1 minute.
Hill # 2. Same as above, but everything is double in time: 1 minute seated climb (add a gear 1/2 way through), 2 minute standing climb (add a gear at 1 minute) and a 1 minute standing/seated flat.
Settle into a comfortable seated flat for 1 minute.
Hill #3. Same as hill #1 (back to a short one)

5 minutes on a flat road:
1 Minute seated flat, reduce HR
3 minutes of flat road work...I vary this.  Sometimes it's endurance, sometimes we push the pace, sometimes "sprints."  Either way, it's 85-90% MHR.
1 Minute seated flat, reduce HR

Hills #4-6: Same drill as the first 3 hills.

Flat #2, same as above.

Hills #7-9: Same as the other 2 sets of hills. I usually challenge the class a bit more here, having them pick up the pace at times, etc.

Depending on length of music, I usually end up with a flat road here before hill #10, whatever moves me is how I teach it.

Hill #10, to the finish line: on this playlist, it's the last song.  I let the class choose position, we add 1 gear at the 1 minute mark and pick up the pace every minute thereafter.  Sometimes I teach it adding gear every minute.  Man, guess I'm moody in the Spin room, sometimes, too!

Enjoy!  And for more personal ramblings and running, don't forget to visit my other blog: Running 40 for 40.


donna calamari said…
Jen, thank you for posting the playlist. Your classes are wonderful and the fantastic music you always play really gets me motivated. I am intrigued by your statement regarding your son -- wondering how old he is and why eye contact is difficult. What is a mash-up? I probably want it if it means I can put the music onto my ipod. donna
isadunc said…
Hi Jen,
Just found your sight and like your previous poster, I am wondering what a "mash-up" is. Are you mixing your own tunes? How do you do that?
Off the Bike said…
Hi there, thanks! A Mashup is a song mixed by a DJ of 2 or more original songs. On this playlist, you can tell by 2 or more artists listed after a song. No, I do not mix my own...not that talented!! If you search on-line, you can usually find them and they are free to download. On my main page here, I link you to a few good sites....

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