Out On the Road

Sharing 2 playlists today.  Enjoy the ride.

We did this one on Monday, 10/20 and Tuesday, 10/21.  Someone commented on the music, so here it is, taking a slight detour in and around the 90's.  We're out on the road and pushing over 6 varied hills (alternating with varied flats).  In the beginning, the hills are short and the flats are long.  But, as the ride goes on, the hills get longer and the flats shorter.  Finish line is at the top of #6.

1.  Zocalo (Featuring Gabriel & Dresden)/Armin van Buuren & Gabriel & Dresden (warm-up)
2.  Desert Rose (Melodic Club Mix Radio Edit)/Cheb Mami & Sting
3.  Crazy/Alanis Morissette
4.  Wonderful Night (Trash Remix)/Fatboy Slim 
5.  Tell Me Baby/Red Hot Chili Peppers
6.  Best of You/Foo Fighters
7.  Devils and Angels/Toby Lightman
8.  Laid/James
9.  Song 2/Blur
10. Good/Better Than Ezra
11. A Little Bit More/Jamie Lidell
12. Bohemian Ballet/Deep Forest
13. Hide and Seek/Imogen Heap (cool-down)
14. Waiting on the World to Change/John Mayer

"Just a Road Ride"
Just that, a nice long road, lots of hills, some jumps, nothing crazy.  Good, old fashioned ride.  From 10/22.

1.  Where the Streets Have No Name/U2
2.  Shut Up and Drive/Rihanna
3.  Sweet Dreams (Hot Remix)/Eurythmics
4.  Drum Connection/Paraiba
5.  As the Rush Comes (Radio Edit)/Motorcycle
6.  Dig In/Lenny Kravitz
7.  Gimme More/Britney Spears
8.  E-Pro/Beck
9.  9 PM (Till I Come) [Club Mix]/ATB
10. The Scientist/Coldplay
11. Fur Elise/Various
12. Beverly Hills/Weezer
13. All the Small Things/Blink-182
14. The Way I Am/Ingrid Michaelson (cool-down)
15. It Happens Every Day/Dar Williams
16. Angel's Prayer/Ty Burhoe


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