Off the Bike, Inc.

When I first started this blog, I posted about the name "Leave it on the Bike," about how indoor cycling classes offer us the opportunity to let go of what stresses us.  The enclosed room (often dark), the rhythmic music, the (hopefully) relaxed flow of our bodies and breath, the circles created by the pedal stroke all contribute to that "let go," "leave it" sensation. You don't need it.  This is why I am addicted to this ride, and I love it when a student "gets it."  If you've never thought of it this way, if you're just in the room for the workout or one of the many other benefits, that's ok, too.  It happens anyway.

We've all heard the phrases, "Practice what you preach," and "We teach what we need to learn."  Lately, I have been continually challenged in this area, dealing with bigger and smaller losses and stresses that seem to have piled up over the weeks.  It has been more difficult for me to pull up the much needed energy to teach a class and to really take my own advice to "leave IT on the bike."  

I often feel like one of the students in the room.  I really visualize myself on the ride with everyone else.  And, more often than not, it's that student with the great energy somewhere in the room that pulls ME through the ride.  I sometimes get flustered during the moments I realize that, OMG I am actually TEACHING here.  Lately, however, I've had to embrace the student aspect of myself as I am reminded of why I do what I do.   

I also incorporated and established my business this month.  Off the Bike, Inc. is a fitness and wellness company, empowering clients to create balance in body, mind and spirit.  I can't wait to see how I am challenged there!  Keep riding......


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