Halloween Ride

I'm usually not too big on themed rides, but I have to do it every year...have some fun with it.  Don't hate me too much and don't be afraid, you'll still work hard.  

1.  Theme (From "Halloween")/John  Carpenter (warm-up)
2.  Monster Mash/Bobby "Boris" Pickett
3.  Black Magic Woman/Santana
4.  Werewolves of London/Warren Zevon
5.  I Want Candy/Bow Wow Wow
6.  Spooky/The Classics IV
7.  Bad Moon Rising/Creedence Clearwater Revival
8.  Superstition/Stevie Wonder
9.  Super Freak/Rick James
10. Disturbia/Rihanna
11. People Are Strange/The Doors
12. Zombie/The Cranberries
13. Pet Sematary (Single Version)/The Ramones
14. Thriller/Michael Jackson
15. Wild World/Cat Stevens (cool-down)
16. Great Pumpkin Waltz (The Peanuts)/Vince Guaraldi Trio
17. Happy Halloween Music


matt said…
Hey Jen- I actually did a class on last years halloween...with most of the same music! Just so happens my class is the same for this year as well!
David McQuillen said…
Hi Jen, Great site, and great workouts! Thanks for sharing. I've put a link to your site at mine - www.thesufferfest.com. Check it out if you get a chance. Cheers, David

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