Take Your Run

This is one of my all time favorites so, in looking back over the archives, it's hard to believe I haven't posted it.  Maybe it's because I vary the music on it so much.  It's one of the easiest rides to change up...to throw in something new at the last minute.  We ride 2 good-sized hills, on which I vary positions and movements depending on the tempo of the music.  In between those 2 climbs is a set of 6 flat-road intervals:  1 minute seated flat (recovery), 1 minute seated flat at a quicker cadence, 30 seconds of jumps/lifts to a standing flat for 5 second counts (you'll get in 3 in 30 seconds) and a 30 second standing flat to finish it up.  Do it right and your quads will be on fire.  This is the playlist for this week, and some of the Thanksgiving music was so good, it made its way in.  But, especially for the flat road intervals, you could throw in any quick, "let it fly" songs.  Yeah.

1.  Sunrise (Here I Am) [Instrumental]/Ratty (warm-up)
2.  Snow (Hey Oh)/Red Hot Chili Peppers (Hill #1 begins)
3.  Do it!/Von Iva
4.  Let Me Blow Ya Mind/Eve & Gwen Stefani (top of hill#1)
5.  Semi-Charmed Life/Third Eye Blind (Flat-road intervals begin....6 to go)
6.  Disco Lies (Spencer and Hill Remix)/Moby
7.  You're So Damn Hot/Ok Go
8.  Wizards in Winter (Instrumental)/Trans-Siberian Orchestra
9.  Take Me to the Clouds Above (Dub Mix)/LMC vs. U2 (Flat Road intervals end here and hill #2 begins...finish line is at the top)
10. I Don't Wanna Be in Love (Dance Floor Anthem)/Good Charlotte
11. Hot N Cold/Katy Perry (are we sick of it yet???)
12. Black Balloon/The Goo Goo Dolls
13. Sorry/Buckcherry (Cool-down)
14. Free Fallin' Live/John Mayer


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