From winter, 2008, a back to basics ride. I feel like I'm winding down a really hectic summer, and this class is perfect for that...propelled by strong music and lots of resistance building. Quick profile: 3 loops around-each loop starts with a 1-minute seated flat, followed by three 1-minute standing flats (1 minute seated flats in between each one). Then, we hit the 8-minute hill: 3-minute seated climb (add resistance each minute), three 20 sec. jumps on a hill in 3rd (from a 20 sec. seated climb), and a 3-minute standing climb (HP3) (add resistance each minute)...breakaway for the top and take a recovery seated flat to the next loop. Simple as, just gear and sweat. My students always tell me that this one goes by fast.

1. The Stairs/INXS (warm-up)
2. Touch of My Hand (Bill Hamel Club Mix)/Britney Spears (Stay on a seated flat, really start to push..into a headwind...add resistance every 90 sec., but try to keep cadence steady. Don't fall off the pace.)
3. Around the World, Harder Better Faster Stronger/Daft Punk (Start loop 1. 1-minute SF/1-minute STF (3x))
4. Enjoy the Silence (Reinterpreted)/Depeche Mode (Hit the hill, build resistance each minute. Your butt should be ready to lift out of the saddle by the time we hit the jumps.)
5. Criminal/Fiona Apple (Should already be in those jumps...power and speed up to HP3, hold for 20 sec, hit a SC for 20 sec and do it 2 more times. Ouch. Finish with a 3-minute Standing Climb/HP3, building resistance each minute. Push last 30 sec. for the top.)
6. American Idiot/Green Day (After catching your breath on a recovery SF, time to hit loop 2 and those 3 standing flats. As the music picks up, so do you. You now know the drill, no excuses, best effort.)
7. How Far We've Come/Matchbox Twenty
8. Pump It Up/Elvis Costello (Will hit the hill somewhere in here.)
9. Seven Nation Army/The White Stripes (LOVE this one for a climb...strong beat...don't be afraid of the gear...finish loop 2 nice and strong.)
10. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)/Bruce Springsteen (Bruce will get us through the entire flat on this loop..last 3 standing flats..yes.)
11. Smooth/Santana & Rob Thomas (Last hill, last loop, the finish is at the top..make it as sexy as you want.)
11. Who Knew (The Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)/P!nk (Here it is...the last that resistance and hold the cadence right to the line at the top.)
12. Shadow of the Day/Linkin Park (cool-down)
13. Here with Me/Dido


Anonymous said…
Hey! Your blog is really great for a beginner instructor (like me) who is blown away by all the music choices. Thanks! I like this Winterloops concept you got going here. Can I check out your complete profile for this ride?

Thanks again.

Off the Bike said…
Thanks, and good luck teaching. After you get past the initial "overwhelm," you will settle into your groove, figure out what works for you and your students and actually be searching for new music!!

Happy Spinning,

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