Up and (break)Away

This is a "Jen" adaptation of a strength ride profile that I received from Mad Dogg Athletics (http://www.spinning.com/). I love strength rides...pushing resistance and testing limits. I think they are great classes for outdoor cyclists who want the workouts to translate to the road. And, they always inspire the age-old argument over whether the women in the room are going to develop huge thighs and butts form their indoor cycling classes. I'm not touching that debate today...no matter how much science is out there, I know there are those of you who are terrified of that type of muscle development. I only offer the advice that your flats and intervals will be so much more efficient (and fun) if you allow yourself to build the strength.

So, now I hear that little voice inside, encouraging me to write a tangent about women and strength and what it really means to be a "strong" woman. But, it's labor day weekend, I'm feeling kind of mellow, and am going to save that for another day. However, I'd love to hear from you (guys, too)...what does being a "strong" woman mean to/for you? Comment if you like.

Until then, here's the music...it's really varied today, and I thank my fellow instructors and their blogs listed to the left for some of the songs. We climb from minute 7:30 on, but the hills are full of breakaways (my term for increasing cadence on a hill climb for a set period of time), switchbacks and jumps on the hills. Enjoy...celebrate at the top...you earned it.

1. Que Baila/Little Exuma (warm up)
2. Bounce With Me/Kreesha Turner
3. Get Busy/Sean Paul (climbing begins)
4. Juicy/Better Than Ezra
5. Battleflag (clean version)/Pigeonhead
6. Viva la Vida/Coldplay
7. Hot N Cold/Katy Perry
8. So What (Main Version)/P!nk (she does it again)
9. Bonito/Jarabe de Palo (only flat)
10. Lucid Dreams/Franz Ferdinand
11. Breakaway (Chris Fraser Radio)/Dj Bill Bennet
12. Stoned in Love (Radio Edit)/Chicane
13. What You Waiting For?/Gwen Stefani
14. All These Things That I've Done/The Killers
15. Hard Sun (Main)/Eddie Vedder (cool-down)
16. After Tonight/Justin Nozuka


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