Sweaty is Sexy

"Sweaty is Sexy." A little plaque with this statement rests on the front desk of one of the gyms where I teach classes. It is owned by 2 women, and has a high percentage of women clientele, all of whom work impressively hard. In an "image is everything" environment, it's a great reminder that it's a good thing to sweat. I love to sweat. When I was pregnant, one of the things I missed the most was working up a really good sweat. So, I am often surprised when I meet people who hate it. I work hard not to judge the person who comes into the already over-air conditioned Spinning room and asks for the air to be turned up higher. Maybe it's because I sweat so much during a workout. Yeah, I'm the girl who leaves the puddle under the bike. Sexy? That's your call, but it feels so great. On a physical level, it's so healthy for the body. Among other things, it's a release of toxins, like a quickie internal cleanse. On a mental level, it also feels releasing, like all of the negativity and stress is, literally, pouring out. One of my favorite moments during a class is when, after some time climbing, we hit a fast seated flat for an extended period of time, and the sweat really flows. Very early on in the evolution of Spinning, there was a Schwinn ad campaign that talked about feeling that first trickle of sweat running down your back. I get it...that image has stayed with me all these years.

I am supposed to take part in a Native American-based sweat lodge experience this weekend, which I have always wanted to do. Plans may have to be postponed, but I am looking forward to the experience, whenever it happens. I find that staying still and sweating, like in a sauna, requires a different kind of energy. When exercising, it feels secondary. But, when I am still, it feels like surrender...the act of letting go and letting the body do it's job.

Today's class is one of my all-time favorites. We ride 4 loops...each loop has the same elements to it, but the tempo is really quick the whole way through. Happy sexy sweaty Spinning!

4 Loopspin

1. Do Your Thing/Basement Jaxx (warm-up)
2. Dangerous Power (Cicada Full Vocal Mix)/Gabriel & Dresden
3. The Way I Are/Timbaland
4. U + Ur Hand (BeatCult Remix)/P!nk
5. Sanctuary (Radio Edit)/Origene or Mercy/Duffy
6. Take Me Out/Franz Ferdinand
7. The Rockafeller Skank/Fatboy Slim
8. Blinded By the Light (Radio Mix)/Royal Melody
9. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (Radio Version)/KT Tunstall
10. Future Lovers/Madonna
11. Unwritten (Johnny Vicious Club Mix)/Natasha Bedingfield
12. After Tonight/Justin Nozuka (cool-down)
13. Landslide (Acoustic)/Fleetwood Mac
14. Longing/Ty Burhoe


gosisterhood said…
I agree--I love the feeling of sweating during a spin class. When the room is warm, I feel more connected to the ride and I block out anything else that is going on in my life...Sometimes going back to basics is great. Go Rocky Balboa!! Go Jen!!!

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