Playlist from the 9:30 ride on 4/22/09

Boring title, I know.  As I sit here, re-connecting to my much neglected little blog, I lack the creative juices to come up with something more interesting.  A student asked me to post the music from today's class, so here it is. 

Recently, I have been doing some new profiles, mixing some fantastic new mash-ups into old rides and just being very relaxed about it all.  I have also taken on some challenges of my own, taking my own advice from my posts around the new year...."What do you want to bring in this year?  The race you've always wanted to do?"  Truth be told, when I write like that or even speak over the mic in the Spin room, I am talking to myself just as much as I am talking to you.  So, yes, I've taken on the out-of-my comfort zone running races, and boy has it been a journey, trying to navigate teaching, being a divorced mom (and all that comes with it), having healthy relationships, and doing my "own" training.

I can't speak for all instructors, but I know I do this because I genuinely love to do it. Sure, we all hit our ruts, we get tired.  However, there are (rare) mornings, especially after being up with a sick child all night (see my last few days) that I just don't want to teach.  Although, I can honestly say, it is even more rare that, when the pedals start moving and the music kicks in, I don't want to be doing it.  I love the energy.  I love the experienced riders in the room who use the ride as a framework for their own goals and I love the newbies who wonder what the heck they are doing there, but will know in about 55 minutes when they cross the line.  

All that said, by teaching so much, I sometimes feel like I don't have the workout that is just for me.  This is not a new pattern or theme in my life.  So, when the support came my way, I decided to train for a half-marathon (on route to the big one) and a duathlon (run/bike/run).  Both are attainable goals for my life right now, but they take time.  I'm going write a few posts about what has gone on, really moving out of my comfort zone and taking off my "Spinning" shoes.  The regular playlists and occasional profiles will return, which reminds me, here is that music.  Enjoy.  Great ride today!

1.  Do your thing/Basement Jaxx
2.  Dangerous Power (Cicada Full Vocal Mix)/Gabriel & Dresden
3.  The Way I Are/Timbaland
4.  U + Ur Hand (BeatCult Remix)/P!nk
5.  Mercy/Duffy
6.  Take Me Out/Franz Ferdinand
7.  Disco Lies (Spencer and Hill Remix)/Moby
8.  Blinded by the Light (Radio Mix)/Royal Melody
9.  Black Horse and the Cherry Tree/KT Tunstall
10. Future Lovers/Madonna
11. Unwritten (Johnny Vicious Club Mix)/Natasha Bedingfield
12. She's Only Happy in the Sun/Ben Harper (cool down)
13.  After Tonight/Justin Nozuka


donna said…
Thanks for the playlist jen. I thoroughly enjoyed the class last week. I look forward to the next time. donna

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