the "I Can't Wait Until March" playlist

I am a huge U2 fan.  I even met them when I was a teenager.  They walked into the tiny "greasy spoon" diner where I was working, only a few days after I had seen the Joshua Tree tour. I served Bono a bagel with cream cheese, was invited to join them at their table and we had a nice chat.  Over the past few weeks, I have heard increasing buzz about the new album being released during the first week of March.  So, I thought, in honor of that and St. Patrick's day, I'd do an hour ride to just U2 March. I've been going through volumes of music, trying to decide which ones to include. There could be numerous playlists. Problem is, I'm so psyched about it, now I can't wait to ride it.  So, it will be on sometime this week...and again in March with, hopefully, some brand new stuff....until then....

1.  City of Blinding Lights (2005 Live from Milan)
Let's warm it up...

2.  One (Achtung Baby)
Getting up and over one big hill, right away.  STC the whole way up, resistance building every minute, until you become worried about the rest of the ride.  Don't worry, get into the melody, let your legs take over, and PUSH for the top.

3.  Vertigo (How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb)
Hit the SF, breakaway with the chorus, 3X. 

4.  Mysterious Ways (Solar Plexus Magic Hour Remix)
This version used to be on iTunes' "The Complete U2."  I don't think it's there anymore. It's over 8 minutes long and, after a brief SF, we are doing JOH (jumps on the hill).  I am starting with 30 second lifts and reducing them each minute until we get to 5-second counts (15 sec. each, 10 sec. each, 5 sec. each).  Then, I'm increasing them all the way back up.  You are focusing on power and cadence and probably cursing me under your breath.

5.  Angel of Harlem (Rattle and Hum)
6.  Walk On (All That You Can't Leave Behind)
7.  I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Joshua Tree)
8.  Elevation (All That You Can't)
We're going to take 5 "rolling" hills, here: 30 sec. SF, 30 sec. SC, 1.5 minute STC (HP3), 30 sec. SC (do NOT drop that gear when you come to the seat..leave it up, get out of the comfort zone and break through's only 30 seconds), finish up with a 30 sec. breakaway in a STC (HP3), come back down and do it again.

9.  Beautiful Day (All That You Can't)
SF to STF (standing flats) at the chorus.  

10. All I Want is You (go HOME...Live from Slane Castle, Ireland)
Final BIG STC.  Get in HP3, butt over the seat, shoulders away from your ears and settle in for the top.  Just like in the beginning, we are cranking the gear each minute.

11. Where the Streets Have No Name (go HOME..Live)
Hit the saddle for a final push to the line.  Open it up...see your favorite flat road and let it FLY...depending on my mood and the energy in the room, we're gonna' build intensity as we go along, might just come up out of the saddle for the last couple of minutes...we'll see.

12. Stuck in a Moment (Acoustic Version)
13. Running to Stand Still (Joshua Tree)
Cool down and stretch.

PS...if you are going to borrow all or some of this playlist, make sure you keep #10 and #11 in that order...the transition between them on this album is SO worth it.


Anonymous said…
love your site and U2! Could you explain your abbreviations for things, I figured out most of them but I just want to be sure
Off the Bike said…
Hi! So glad you like the site. It was a GREAT ride. Sorry, I sometimes get lazy outside of class and don't write out the full descriptions! I am Mad Dogg Certified. To clarify:

SF=Seated Flat
SC=Seated Climb
STC=Standing Climb in Hand Position 3 (HP3)
JOH=Jumps on the Hill
STF=Standing Flat (sometimes I say "run")
RWR=Run With Resistance (out of the seat, on a hill, hand position 2).

Thanks for asking and Happy Spinning,
Sean said…
Awesome stuff... thanks for sharing! - Sean in Arvada, CO
Great stuff, thank you for sharing. I plan to try it out in one of my classes. - Sean
Darcy said…
Hey Jen! I saw you added my blog to your Blog List...sweet, thank you so much. I often visit your site for inspiration. -Darcy
Anonymous said…
Hey, Jen!

Since the last time I emailed you I got certified by Spinning and have instructed a hand full of classes at the club where I've been a personal trainer. Your blog has been and continues to be a great source of inspiration. Thanks! You were very gracious in sharing your Winterloops profile with me back when I first started. Can I check out your "I can't Wait Until March" profile as well?

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